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Learn Music FAST


Our weekly 2 hour Live Performance Workshops are aimed at beginner and intermediate level with an emphasis on ensemble performance, for an unforgettable student experience in music exploration and discovery. 


These classes are ideal for those with little to basic understanding of music and music performance. We incorporate a number of workshops that allow our students to embrace various concepts of rhythm and harmony, whilst working in a full ensemble performance scenario. 


Students are encouraged to learn number of disciplines, including: vocals; drums; ukulele/guitar; bass; and keyboards, as well as bringing a focus to any other instrumental skills they already have on any instrument.



Our weekly 2 hour live classes are developed with emphasis on fun and experimentation, as well as providing solid foundations of rhythm and harmony, without the stress of more traditional music lessons.


Our 10 week course option also includes five 20 minute, online, one-to-one sessions. The students and tutors can use these sessions to develop technical skills and explore any specific issues the students are having on their personal musical journey.


We provide opportunities for our students to perform in real-life, live settings, in front of real audiences. This aims to boost confidence and communication skills, as well as developing a feel for artistic exploration within a live performance scenario.


Our approach to teaching music is distinctly innovative and our rates are equally leading-edge. Get in touch today to book your child's free trial workshop, no ties.


Weekly workshop sessions last 2 hours long. This gives our students time to process and experiment with new ideas, as well as develop their Skool Of Rock setlist for our live shows and public performances.

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