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Building Partnerships
with Local Councils & Schools

Skool of Rock have adopted the policies presented in the government’s National Plan for Music Education, in creating opportunities for school pupils to experience the joy of live music performance. Our enrichment workshops will help your school to represent musical opportunities for your pupils. This will allow students to explore their musical interests and talents, giving them the experience of playing popular music songs within the highly effective learning environment of the ensemble workshop.


Music education has been proven to increase the following positive traits, the list speaks for itself:

Self-belief; self-sufficiency; motivation; application; concentration; confidence; creativity; self-expression; perseverance; and self-directed learning.


Every child has musical potential just waiting to be explored and we will work closely with your school in building an appropriate music developmental plan for your pupils.


Workshops themes include: Integrity and honesty; friendship and respect; culture and society; faith and religion. Curriculum based workshops are also part of our extensive catalogue, and include; Maths, Science, Literacy, History and Geography.


We also provide a host of enrichment opportunities for pupils working towards their GCSE’s and A-Levels, especially within the composition and performance components of the assessments. 


Our workshops can involve anything from single class sizes (20 to 30 pupils) up to a full school assembly (100 to 1000+ pupils).

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